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score4more makes companies sustainable - for a future proof planet.

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Your Job with Purpose

<aside> 🔎 Looking for a job that gives you the feeling of having achieved something meaningful in the evening? Would you like to invest your time in an activity and help shape transformation? Then join us and contribute to transform the economy towards sustainability.


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What drives us.

“We transform together” (Matthias Kannegießer, Founder score4more)

The idea for score4more was born in 2022 to harness and amplify the enormous potential of sustainable transformation. We are convinced that innovation in the field of sustainability is urgently needed to maintain a thriving and livable planet. Find out more about the origins of score4more and our mission on our About Us page and meet the team.

How we work together

In our regular retreats, we talk about our missions, values and principles. Nine core principles have emerged which are important to us and which we use to organize our day-to-day work together: